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    Special for you; Quality production according to your needs and demands.


    Hmy Textile is an innovative fabric and home textile supplier based in Buldan, Denizli / Turkey.
    Since 1990, it has been serving and exporting to European markets.

    As HMY Tekstil, we provide competitive prices, quality, and time savings to our customers, based on our performance in meeting the quality criteria for production.
    With our well-trained and experienced staff of 15 years, we aim to increase our capacity by meeting our customers' expectations and establishing long-term customer relations by providing the best service to our customers.

    Mission :  To meet the expectations at the highest level with a wide product range by providing the right quality-price ratio.

    Vision :  In the home textile and fabric sectors; to add value to our products in every aspect of human and life. To offer privileged textile products concerning the ecological system, using advanced technology with innovative approaches and competent employees.